Christine Riggleman Reserve (LIMITED)

Christine Riggleman Reserve (LIMITED)


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Winner of Best Cask Strength Bourbon at the New Orleans Bourbon Festival

Earlier this year, while inspecting barrels in our rickhouse, Christine came across a particular one that was leaking an attractive dark whiskey. This sampling led to happy discovery. This barrel-strength bourbon is unique, distinct, and bold. A true unicorn. Christine wove those traits into every aspect of this release, from the curvaceous bottle design right down to the specialty cork. Each label, every one personally marked by Christine, carries her name, making it the first bourbon to be distilled by and named for a female master distiller.

  • The bottle

    • This reserve is 112 Proof (Barrel Strength), only 179 bottles

    • The bottle shape and it’s beautiful curvature is inspired by the womanly curves of a pot still. The labels design is simple, elegant and bold like Christine Riggleman herself.

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