Lil' Chimp Mini Barrel

Lil' Chimp Mini Barrel


Age your own whiskey at home with a Lil’ Chimp Mini Barrel! This little monkey might be small, but it’s huge on fun and flavor. We recommend aging two 375 ml bottles of Silverback Route 151 Moonshine, plus 1 cup of distilled water to age your very own “bourbon” at home, but you can experiment using any spirits and flavorings you like.

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Each purchase comes with one mini barrel, a set of instructions, a spigot, a bung, and a paper funnel. Moonshine is not included.

We strongly recommend acquiring our Route 151 Moonshine to age, but in case that isn't an option, here are some additional aging ideas:

  • For a double-oaked effect, use an already aged whiskey, rum, or other dark spirit.
  • Add flavoring agents, like vanilla beans or cinnamon sticks.
  • Don't forget to reuse the barrel! Try aging an imperial stout or strong red wine to pick up whiskey notes left in the barrel.